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Put on the filters and convey things Koyama Keiichiro from NEWS wants to convey

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1 May
"I want to keep working on 'conveying' job"

Put his own filter then conveys it is one of the big parts of his way of life. From this journal, let's find out what Koyama wants to convey through his activities as an idol, and as Koyama Keiichiro himself.

Previously, we're more active in our Twitter account (@KoyaRhapsody) to share updates about radio, TV shows, and magazines in the form of summary/highlight. So we'll focus on this journal to share our translation. We'll do our best to make it as inclusive as possible and accessible for everyone so if the journal entries or photos we shared are not quite accessible to you, feel free to contact us!

So, nice to meet you!
Hope you enjoy your time here.

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