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[Translation] NEWS in TVfanCROSS vol.39 (Solo Corner)


TVfanCROSS vol.39

Cover & Interview: NEWS

NEWS successfully completed "NEWS LIVE TOUR 2020 STORY" on May 23, as well as completed a grand project "NEWS Tetralogy" that has been going on since 2017. The new single "BURN" released on June 30 is an emotional rock song that became the firing signal for NEWS entering a new phase. For the three of them who spend their days fully, the hot summer begins.


Koyama Keiichiro

New song "BURN"
As a single that is released after STORY, I think it's nice to have a NEW STORY feeling about it. I sing the low octave in the chorus, but I think the thickness of the song hasn't changed, and the power has been increased to create a new way of showing NEWS.

About the other songs
"Narukami" is indeed a challenge. For the rap part, I sing in a low note, I also sing in a devilish voice and a fresh voice, so I challenge myself while looking for a part that I'm most addicted to. It's also for the sake of being able to show various expressions of "Ato nandakke?" part and tone of voice after that. When the song was finished, I was happy to receive an email from Massu saying, "Koyama's part in Narukami is so good." We also talked about how it would be nice to perform it live with the three of us. Because I recorded this song after the tour, I think I could have sung it because I was able to express various things in front of the audience.

The completion of STORY tour and NEWS' tetralogy
I think we've managed to complete it, and we've put out everything we can. We're able to connect the batons to all the stages with the fans, so it's a tour where I can really feel the "Team NEWS feeling" of things we get through together, which is different from usual. And I think, the shape of "the three members of NEWS" has been completed. I was searching about it since the beginning after all. The lyrics from "NEW STORY" said, "There are surely things we can't tell, things we won't tell anyone in our heart, right?" Even though each of the three of us surely has things we keep in mind, we're going through it all together, and the bond between the three of us became deepen. Trust and dependence. I really feel that there are people I can rely on. However, I was a little scared considering that I can't hear everyone's voice. After all, NEWS live is the type that needs participation. Making voice, letting the feelings out, and becoming happy together. In the end, because of the surprise video where you all sing, I realized that "We have to get back to that situation." Everyone is where we belong, and NEWS is where everyone belongs. So how will we create that place from now on? I think it's something I discovered because we did a tour in this situation. And I've found a lot of things to keep alive from now on. After the tour, I became like burnout. I've been feeling blank for a week and I didn't feel like doing anything. I was left behind the afterglow of "STORY" so much that I couldn't be myself. However, from the moment I got out of it, I'm already thinking that I want to do the live concert! While thinking about a lot of things to compile before meeting everyone, I switched to "Let's start running toward 'BURN'!" Since "BURN" is the trigger, I felt that it became the one to tell that "NEWS won't stop!"

The last thought to be revealed
At the end of the last day, I told everyone that I had some symptoms in my throat, but at the meeting before starting the tour, I talked to the members first, "Still, I really want to do STORY. I think there will be things I may need help with, but, please." I thought about telling the fans immediately after that. But if I'm in that position, I don't want to see the live concert with that kind of filter, so I decided to do it without saying anything. And if I can't make a voice, I'll rely on the members. Although there were a lot of times when I couldn't sing well, or when I felt frustrated, it's my resolution to finish this "STORY". Then on the final day, I told the members that I might talk before the concert, but in the end, I decided to say on that spot. What I want to say is...I felt like I was surrounded by the warm air of all the fans. Although in the end, I made everyone worried, I think the reason why I could say it is because I could see the kind hearts of everyone who let me talk. And I could manage to open my heart to everyone is because this is something that can be said only to people who also have their hearts opened.

The things you want for summer
I'm addicted to cold brew coffee, so I want a coffee set!

Masuda Takahisa

New song "BURN"
Although we already have it in our album or live concert, this is the first time we have this kind of hard rock song for our single. I think there is something surprising, and I hope it will reach the fans of "Hanyou no Yashahime" as it became the opening theme song of the anime.

About the other songs
The first time I listened to the demo of "Narukami", I said, "I really like it!" to the producer. I think the "Ahondara shi ni nasanna" lyrics in the chorus convey that it's the words that saved NEWS at our most difficult time. But because it's the first time I hear such a cool and strong song, my soul trembled. I was shivering. Since this song was born from a familiar production team, I felt relieved yet it's still cool! During recording, I usually sing a part with several versions like "I want to sing this part one more time". But for "Tsutae kirenu hodo no ai ga~" part, I sang it only once. And after singing it only once, the producer said, "That's so good!" Things like that rarely happen.

Last year's "24-Hour TV" team Masuda, Kitayama Hiromitsu, Shigeoka Daiki, and Kishi Yuta who will each appear in a drama this summer
That's right!? Because the group chat is continuing, everyone had an acknowledgment like "Shigeoka, you're doing drama." Because we got a message from Inohara (Yoshihiko) saying "Shigeoka, congratulations!", I replied with "Thank you!" (lol) It's a great thing to get a drama role, so it's inspiring that everyone is getting the work at the same time, and the fans won't be able to hide from the TV again this summer!

The completion of STORY tour and NEWS' tetralogy
It took approximately 5 years including the preparation. Although the final "STORY" couldn't be done in the way we originally thought, I'm delighted that everyone welcomed us at the moment when we're standing at the dream place we've made with so many people, the things we've envisioned, and the goals we've set. For us, it's a masterpiece that we can always talk about, and I think it's a big one page in our history. It's one of my goals to complete this tour first, but now one thing I really want to do is putting the Blu-rays of this tetralogy side by side. On the final day, all of the fans sent us a surprise of them singing, and I realized once again that the voices of the audience, as well as their smiles and singing voices, are the important parts of NEWS live concert. I want to hear everyone's voice. And even now, I'm still full of gratitude to the people who have been involved in the last 5 years.

NEWS from now on
Since we're making the "NEVERLAND" live concert, I said that I want to collaborate with SWAROVSKI for "S", and the red glitter costume we wore at the opening of "STORY" is the result of our over 4 years meeting with SWAROVSKI. Also, I've been saying that I want to use a set called "dot image", which looks like light bulbs coming down from above. I wonder if that many points can represent the "points" we created. I've always been thinking like "I want to do this with 'S'", and although I didn't know what the goal will be, I really made it with great thought. That's why, when the tour was postponed and during that moment there's a new song, I really want to do "STORY" as it is. The production hasn't changed much from the original one. I think this is the feeling that we are now standing on a new stage after repeating it and putting a break on ourselves. For the next live concert, I'm already thinking about what to do with "Beautiful" and "BURN". I have a plan to make what kind of appearance for the next concert (lol). There are ideas coming out more and more, and "STORY" is something I've been thinking about for a long time. However, since I'm cherishing the present, I think the NEWS we make now will be completely different. I want to have a concert soon!

The things you want for summer
Nothing (lol). As for clothes, I've already bought winter clothes after summer. Well, to forcibly say, I want goods to cool down the preparation in filming location!

Kato Shigeaki

New song "BURN"
It's been a while since we've had this kind of rock song. The number of songs by the three of us has increased, and I'm glad that I was able to meet the songs that we attacked as well as be able to release a powerful song before summer. Isn't it good to have an adult feeling? Rather, it's a song that has no persuasive power unless you're an adult. There's an emo feeling in singing these aggressive numbers. I'm the person from "the original emo" era, so it's not the "emo" that is used for anything, but it's really "emotional".

About the other songs
"Kamisama ni naritai wake janai" is a beautiful song with a medium tempo. Although you can imagine many things from the title, I think it's nice to have a feeling of living in the present rather than looking at things beyond it. "FLY HIGH" is Western-like. Because the person who involved with Ariana Grande was also in this production, I think the adult side of the new NEWS is conveyed.

The completion of STORY tour and NEWS' tetralogy
Really, I felt relieved and refresh knowing that it's finally over. It's a live concert that couldn't be processed in the usual way, and I think NEWS has grown from the fact that the three of us managed to survive in the middle of this condition. "NEWS is loved," that's what I think. And I'm glad that we're accepted. I sang parts that weren't mine, so I felt that I'm wearing clothes that aren't my size, like that? But once I got over it, I had no choice but to believe that a good future is waiting for me. However, it's a fact that such stories made each one becomes deep. Although it's a tetralogy, it's not like I already see everything from the beginning. We made it one by one that fits NEWS at that time, and I think it's also a fate that we named the last part "STORY" and it turned out that a lot of stories actually happened. About that, I think the fans also have things they keep in their mind. We will work hard on what's in front of us.

NEWS from now on
Our producer said that they saw it. When the tour was over, they said, "I can see the future of three members of NEWS. You can finally go to the next step." One of them is "BURN". It may sound cheap in words, but we did manage to make this kind of adult-like number. After we turn 30, I think that when there's something new we can do as an idol, there are things we can see through the tour in the middle of things we can't do. So from here on, I believe that things I can do as an adult man will expand.

The things you want for summer
...time (lol). My PC monitor for reading novels is small so I think I want the bigger one..., although it makes me worried. I wonder if a new one will be out if I wait a little longer. I also want a game console, but I'll hold it on because a new model will be released in autumn.

Original stage play script for "Sen, Shoku"
When I saw the performance on the first day, I thought, "I'm a genius!" Hahaha! Although I'm joking, it's indeed a good performance. It's a project that I started by myself. It seems that people say it as "Shigeshigeshii (lit. full of Shige)", but when I was told like that, I thought, "What do you know about me!" (lol) But it's indeed a useful word, right? The original work is from Shige, so it becomes Shigeshigeshii, and since the script is based on my vision, I think that the color will come out strongly. Even if there are things different from what I envisioned, that's fine. Because after all, it's fun. And I'm grateful if the message can reach everyone. I think the main actor Masakado (Yoshinori) found it difficult. I also told him quite rigorously about acting. Because how to play in the stage play is completely different. Although he's a serious person, honestly, I was a little worried until the curtain was opened. I don't like giving advice to people, but since this time it's my own script, even if Masakado would hate me...though he won't say until that level, I told him what I thought honestly. The director said that it changed a lot. Scriptwriting is something to create in the beginning, but when you're handed over the book, it's already outside of it, right? In the world I created, everyone is having more fun than I am. And by including that lonely feeling, I think it's an interesting job.


From "TVfanCROSS vol.39", released on June 29, 2021
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